Strategic Acquistion Searches

Strategic Acquisition Searches

Experience Counts

With decades of experience conducting successful strategic acquisition searches, the Bridgewood team has a proven track record of helping companies accelerate growth and build shareholder value.  We represent clients ranging companies making their first acquisition to large serial acquirers.   

Strategic Planning
Bridgewood’s experienced team works closely with business owners and top executives to develop a customized acquisition strategy based on the company’s underlying strategic objectives.  We utilize sophisticated in-house research capabilities to identify the target population and efficiently screen the range of possible targets to specific strategic matches.   

Uncovering the Best Opportunities
Our disciplined and systematic approach enhances the profile of our clients as a serious acquirer.  Through up-front research, we work to understand each target’s ownership structure and possible motivations to sell.  We then differentiate our clients from other buyers through a customized package and a thoughtful, tailored approach.

Proven Results
Often generating acquisition options within only a few months, we are experts at presenting our client as a serious and credible acquirer, cultivating relationships, and bringing targets to the table.  We manage the entire process, from strategy development to research, approaching targets, financial modeling, deal structuring, negotiations and finding creative solutions to complex issues.  

Your Trusted Advisor
We’d be pleased to discuss your strategic objectives and how acquisitions may fit with that strategy.