M&A Negotiations

M&A Negotiations

Even when a buyer and seller are identified or have already begun exploratory discussions, Bridgewood can add tremendous value.  Our clients value having Bridgewood’s seasoned M&A experts on their team who know the M&A process and how to negotiate critical deal points.

Credibility Counts
The simple fact that our clients have retained an experienced and respected advisor sends a message to the other party – our client is serious and intends to achieve the best results. 

Maintaining Deal Momentum
Bridgewood manages the entire deal process, coordinating the exchange of information, setting target dates, keeping the deal on track and ensuring clear communication from initial discussions through the closing date.
Generating Options
For sellers, being prepared to market to other buyers can be important to provide options, maintain negotiating leverage, and maximize value.  Bridgewood has the resources and experience to research and identify a population of qualified backup buyers.

Valuation Support/Financial Modeling
We are experts at managing and supporting value discussions, including financial modeling and other valuation techniques.

Negotiating Strategy
M&A advisors are allowed to talk directly with any party.  This can be a valuable resource during negotiations.  We can send messages and obtain feedback that is otherwise not available.  Also, Bridgewood can propose solutions and obtain preliminary feedback from the other side without compromising our client’s ultimate position on an issue.

Anticipate and Avoid Costly Mistakes
With over five decades of combined M&A experience, Bridgewood’s senior professionals are able to anticipate issues and properly position you for the best possible outcome.

Your Trusted Advisor
We would be pleased to schedule a confidential meeting or call to discuss your strategic objectives and how Bridgewood can add value.